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Forest garden_ 2021.06.09.

Paloma Gonzalez de Linares is a PhD student in Landscape Architecture working on urban and peri urban agroforestry. She's working on the social, ecological and economic aspects of urban agroforestry in Budapest, especially with the creation of community forest-gardens along the Rakos creek and Szilas creek. She would be very interested in knowing our opinion about this topic for the city of Gödöllő. She' s hopping to meet for a short interview about this topic and she' giving a short presentation about community forest-gardens. It could be both in English and in Hungarian.
She's planning on making a participative plan for potential development of agroforestry with community forest-gardens along the Rakos patak and the Szilas patak.

Place: Civil House, Gödöllő, Szabadság street 23

Time: 09.06.2021., at 4.00 pm.